Jamie Cairney

Freelance Social Media Manager

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I'm a freelance social media manager based in ​Cheltenham. Specialising in content creation and ​copywriting. Looking for creative and dynamic ​roles/projects!

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About me


I have worked on organic social media campaigns and ​managed social media channels for a whole host of ​nationally touring theatre shows including The Very ​Hungry Caterpillar Show, Brown Girls Do It Too: Mama ​Told Me Not to Come, Zog and The Flying Doctors, ​Something Rhymes with Purple on Stage and more!

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Some random info about me!

  • I play in a band called Truck - we play shows all over the UK and rely heavily ​on our social media presence to spread the word about upcoming gigs and ​releases!
  • I love music! I am regularly attending concerts of all genres and have been ​collecting vinyl records since I was 14 years old.
  • Me and my Dad were on an episode of Dickinson's Real Deal when I was ​younger selling some model cars (I'm still looking for the episode so if anyone ​knows anyone at ITV that can find it for me - hmu)


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My favourite part of social media roles ​by far is content creation. Getting my ​head into the world of whichever ​project I'm working on to create ​content that not only matches the ​client's desired aesthetic but also is ​eye-catching and detail-orientated to ​build or develop the respective socials ​to match the style of the brand and ​help it to grow and reach wider ​audiences.

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list of skills/types of content:


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High-quality copy is so important when ​maintaining a strong social media presence.

Through working on a wide variety of ​different campaigns I have learnt the ​importance of matching the tone of the copy to ​the brand, from children's theatre shows to X-​rated live podcast shows, I have gained the ​ability to adapt and work with the necessary ​tone of the brand, with no grammatical errors.

  • Email Marketing


  • Web Design

Squarespace, Wix, Canva Pro

  • Content Creation

Canva Pro, Photoshop

  • Adobe Suite

Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, InDesign

  • Microsoft Office

Excel, Powerpoint, Word

Video Content

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I am proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, and ​have made many different types of content to ​fit various clients' needs and wants including ​TikToks/Reels, trailers, behind-the-scenes ​interviews, GIFs, and animated static images ​for paid social advertisements.

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Previous work includes managing the social channels for a number of children's theatre shows for many production houses, such as Freckle Productions, Millenium Entertainment International & Norwell Lapley Productions. These roles included round-the-clock customer service, posting platform-specific content on a variety of different social media channels, running cross-platform competitions and giveaways to encourage audience interaction and develop a wider reach for each client, as well as planning and creating new and creative campaign strategies to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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Current work:

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I currently run the social media channels for Brown Girls Do It Too: Mama Told Me Not to Come - a stage show based on the award-winning BBC Sounds podcast 'Brown Girls Do It Too'.

I work closely with the show's producers and cast themselves to ensure the message and aesthetics of this show are matched in the content I create. While this show has humour running throughout, it is incredibly personal and important to its audience so a close and direct approach to the social campaign is essential, meaning I have created a variety of content including a 'Smash Hits' magazine-style interview which captures the theme of 90's nostalgia, while still getting across important information about the show. This has been a highlight of working on this show, as this creative freedom has enabled me to develop my content creation skills and grow the social media channels with a distinctive, recognisable style from scratch, with the instagram reaching over 3500 followers in just over a year.

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Something Rhymes with Purple on Stage is a live ​show featuring beloved broadcaster Gyles ​Brandreth and Countdown legend Susie Dent based ​on their podcast 'Something Rhymes with Purple'.

I am currently managing the SRWP social channels to promote their ongoing monthly residency at London's Fortune Theatre. I work closely with Gyles and Susie themselves to deliver personalised content for monthly newsletters such as live show theme announcements and direct messaging about what they are up to in their lives to create a personal link between the audience and the talent. In terms of social media content, I run regular word games on social channels, where our audience shares their answers and we share our favourites weekly.

Working on Something Rhymes with Purple on Stage has instilled the importance of professionalism when working with household names like Gyles & Susie, and following the existing guidelines of an already established brand. This show has a very strong community of fans behind it, so interacting with them and working with their feedback to deliver more content that they want to see has been essential to successfully running the social campaign.

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